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The Crystal Method, an American electronic music and keyboardist duo, just signed to V2 Records and was about to release their third official studio album, Legion of Boom. As a part of V2’s North American marketing campaign, they reached out to the top electronic dance music radio stations for publicity that would reflect the prestige and celebrity they’ve earned in the past decade. As the owner of one of the top EDM radio stations in North America, and as a long time fan, it was an honor to rise to the challenge. Due to the success of the worldwide campaign, Legion of Boom sold over 25,000 copies in its first week, peaked at number 36 on the Billboard 200, and was nominated for the Best Electronic/Dance Album Grammy.

Creative Producer

As the creative producer, I created relationships with several radio stations in both North American, European, and Asian markets, which syndicated our program content. I also created relationships with radio device manufacturers, which provided our station and program high visibility among a set of exclusive and pre-programmed radio stations on set-top boxes.

Creative Director

As the creative director, I acquired the talent; and I created and oversaw the development of the concepts and strategies, while taking a largely hands-on approach, which maximized return over investment.

Graphic Designer

As the graphic designer, I created the concept for and developed the visual marketing elements for the radio station and programs, which were displayed on our media outlets as well as the syndicated radio station’s media outlets.

Broadcast Programmer

As the broadcast programmer, I scheduled the transmissions, and ensured the maximum utilization of airtime in accord with our crossprogramming and dayparting strategies.

Systems Administrator

As the systems administrator and web developer, I created a set of technologies which simultaneously broadcast our programming through Internet and AM/FM radio stations; I maintained these technologies so that there were no security, stability, nor connectivity incidents throughout the broadcasts; and I created both the front and back end of the web sites for the radio station.

Web Developer

As the web developer, I planned, researched and developed the front and back-end web pages and services.

During planning, an emphasis on modern, accessible, compatible technologies was made to ensure market reach and satisfaction. Research and development lead to a mobile-first approach, accessible-friendly features, and support for all modern smart devices, on all major web browsing platforms.

Development was done with:

  • Atom code editor
  • Git version control
  • SSH file transfer
  • Chrome web browser
  • Edge web browser
  • Firefox web browser
  • Internet Explorer web browser
  • Opera web browser
  • Safari web browser
  • Android operating system
  • iOS operating system
  • iPadOS operating system
  • MacOS operating system
  • Windows operating system

HTML, JavaScript and CSS code provide:

  • a motion graphics header
  • a user friendly single-page design
  • an interactive photo gallery
  • carousel testimonials
  • emphasis on important content
  • frequently asked questions
  • modern icons and animations
  • one-touch contact information

PHP code provides:

  • digital publishing

SQL, API, and library code provide:

  • jQuery library
  • Matomo® analytics
  • Square® online booking and time management
  • WordPress™ content management


Creative Producer
Creative Director
Graphic Designer
Computer Programmer
Software Developer
Web Developer
Database Administrator
Network Administrator
Systems Administrator
Systems Analyst
Security Analyst
Network Architect
Broadcast Programmer


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Digital Media
Social Media
Market Research
Experience Design
Graphic Design
Network Design
Sound Design
Web Design
Systems Administration
Software Architecture
Web Development
Business Architecture
Data Architecture
Applications Architecture
Technology Architecture




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