Windows 10 Tracks What You Do by Default

November 7, 2015 • Privacy

With Windows 10 offering several new and highly desired features as well as a free upgrade for previous Windows users, many have already chosen to upgrade to the new operating system. The everyday user likely only noticed the highly requested features whereas the technical users have noticed a new, unexpected, and undesirable change as well.

By default, Windows 10 Home is allowed to control your bandwidth usage, install any software it wants whenever it wants (without providing detailed information on what these updates do), display ads in the Start Menu (currently it has been limited to app advertisements), send your hardware details and any changes you make to Microsoft, and even log your browser history and keystrokes, which the Windows End User Licence Agreement (EULA) states you allow Microsoft to use for analysis.

Microsoft made an official statement after the backlash which states you cannot switch off everything, however, editing your privacy settings will disable some of the trackers. To find them open the Start menu > Settings > Privacy.

Technical users have provided several tools to help ensure your privacy even further. Some offer more privacy features than others, so be sure to study and find the one best for your needs.

With the global market trending toward cloud based this, and connected that, privacy and security are an increasingly important issue for families, business owners and government leaders to be aware of.

Before you make your next technology investment, be sure to talk to an expert to find something that addresses all your needs, including your needs for privacy and security.